Citron’s Andrew Left and his motives.


Andrew Left, Short-Seller and sole owner of Citron research (previously, deceptively manipulates information.

2010 Arrest Photo courtesy of Beverly Hills Police Dept.

His sole motive is to make up 'fake' news with half facts in order to seem legitimate.  He occasionally finds a truly problematic company and adds to the problem with lies in order to make his case.  However, more than half of his targets are legally operating companies not engaging in fraud, despite his false accusations.


To understand his motives, look at his character and court recorded lies to see his true intention, lying to make a buck.

You get to know a person's true character when they are under deposition.


This site re-publishes facts from government sources that he has tried to get removed from the Internet by threat of legal action.  Internet history can't be hidden.


His own website claims he has never lost a case in the United States. This is because he reincorporated a few years back to hide his past as seen in the below cases.  He also recently changed his website statement from never "lost a case" to "lost a case in the United states".  Next it will be in his local county court this year.


The US laws need to be changed, to

1) require short sellers to disclose their holdings, especially if they are 'reporting' information or involved with "reporting" organizations.

2) create penalties and criminal statues for false facts that cause a manipulation of stock prices.

3) disallow a short seller to buy back the same stock (go long) within 12 months of shorting.


There is nothing wrong with exposing public companies that are misleading investors, but Andrew Left and makes up information to achieve that goal by whatever means he deems necessary with his moral compass (or arguably lack thereof).





Hong Kong bars short seller Andrew Left for 5 yrs

Oct 19, 2016

-"the tribunal found that Mr. Left, best known for his critique of drug company Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. , was "reckless" or "negligent" for spreading false and misleading information"

" tribunal also said Wednesday that Mr. Left is subject to a cease-and-desist order"

"This is the first time the Hong Kong tribunal, chaired by Mr Justice Michael Hartmann, has made a ruling against a short seller report."

His misleading information was so egregious it prompted the tribunal to finally act.


-Citron’s Left knowingly published false information in 2012


-Left lied about cashing checks and paying bills in 2003 with Detour Media Group, Inc

"Left knew these representations were false, and Left made these representations with the intent to defraud and deceive"

Court agreed Left "acted with oppression, fraud, malice, and conscious disregard of rights."


-Found guilty of writing fabricated information on his website in order to achieve financial gain and ordered to pay two and a half million dollars in damages for libel.


-His ex-wife disliked him so much, she went out of her way to screw him in paying alimony/support.

"Andrew owed her $247,666.86 in past due support"

" Andrew's failure to pay the full amount of child and spousal support each month"

" $255,000 was garnished from Andrew’s E*Trade account pursuant to the writ of execution "


-"Pershing Square’s Bill Ackman, the largest shareholder of Valeant, recently took to CNBC to accuse the cable network of helping Left make money by publicizing his short views without having him disclose his positioning."

"Months after taking on Valeant, Left actually bought the stock "

Left employs the reverse pump and dump.


-"sanctioned by the U.S. National Futures Association."

"The regulator found that Mr. Left “made false and misleading statements to cheat, defraud or deceive a customer in violation of NFA compliance rules.” Mr. Left was subsequently barred from acting as a principal in the industry for three years and ordered to take an ethics-training course."